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Technical Service

Unequipped exhibition area is ordered, if the Participant independently hires builder for the construction of the stand on an individual project. It includes the cost of common security, cleaning passageways and public spaces.

Equipped exhibition area is a test standard that includes wall panels, fascia panel with the name of the party's floor, 1 table, 2 chairs, general security, cleaning of passageways and public spaces.

Our company is pleased to offer you a new service - the individual building your exhibition stand. If you want your exhibition display different interesting design solutions and by doing so, you want to save time and avoid problems related to construction, we are pleased to offer you our services.

We are ready to assume the full range of technical issues, including:
development of original design of the stand;
Preparing the layout in 3D;
design and integration of the necessary documents (fire safety acts, acts of measuring the insulation resistance, technical communications, etc.);
Strength calculation of the stand;
selection of structural elements;
Buildings stand and supervision.
Our staff will help you calculate the best estimate for the construction and the most efficient use of the projected budget.

For further information please contact
Technical Department
Phone: (495) 411 5202
Fax: (495) 411 5203
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