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Snowmobile - a motor vehicle designed to travel on snow.

Manufacturers snowmobiles

Snowmobiles, as a means for winter recreation and entertainment, created by enthusiasts in the mid 1950's as a reduced model of large industrially produced by transport vehicles. In mid-1960 was adjusted their production, and snowmobiling has become very popular.

At this point in the world, there are only 7 independent manufacturers of snowmobiles:

  • Yamaha Motor Corporation - Japan
  • Alpina Snowmobiles - USA
  • Arctic Cat - USA
  • Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP) - Canada / Finland
  • Polaris Industries - USA
  • JSC Russian mechanics - Russia (snowmobiles Buran and Taiga / Attack)
  • Ufa Engine Industrial Association / JSC UMPO - Russia ( snowmobile Lynx)

Russia's snowmobile

  • Snowmobile Taiga - mark Russia snowmobiles, serial production of which started in 1997.
  • Snowmobile Lynx - able to travel long distances in the snow off-road.

Types snowmobile

Snowmobiles are divided into four classes: utilitarian (transportation), tourism, sports and mountain.

Yamaha snowmobiles

These machines are designed for professional and tough conditions: deep snow, the need to carry heavy loads, etc. Utility snowmobiles are highly cross, which he provides a broad and long caterpillar. Traction engine and transmission, which can include a lower gear, can tow a heavy load or climbing steep slopes.

Yamaha snowmobiles - typically double machine with bulky luggage and towing device for the sled. Increased level of comfort provided by the presence of electric start and reverse. The body and suspension are made of high-strength materials, since the desktop snowmobile in the first place is reliability. The rear suspension of these machines is calculated in such a way that when a big load saved all the dynamic characteristics, and skiing well kept on the surface.

Travel snowmobiles

Travel models have a higher engine capacity and higher speed compared with the workers. Travel snowmobiles are more comfortable, have a softer suspension. In this class, snowmobiles together a good cross-country, high level of comfort needed on long journeys (double seat, electric start, reverse, mirrors, etc.), speed and practicality.

For fans of active driving there cars with sport suspension and a very powerful (up to 170 hp) engine, delivers up to 200 km / h. Travel snowmobiles are ideal for longer trips in the company of friends and family holidays.

Sports snowmobiles

This single, most lightweight, ie without additional comfort (electric start, reverse, backrest, mirrors, etc.), powerful snowmobiles with a hard sport suspension. The main purpose of these machines is the speed driving on a specially prepared routes in competition, or just a quick ride for the pleasure of speed. In sports models the most powerful engine, the speed reaches 200 or more miles per hour, single, most lightweight, with narrow and short tracks. Engine power is very high. The design of suspension usually involves sports Pneumodampers high pressure. Lyzhiizgotavlivayutsya of heavy-duty, but bending and light plastic. Off-road capability of snowmobiles worse than those of workers and tourism, so driving through deep snow or on rough terrain, they are not suitable. Athletic type snowmobiles should buy, if you - a fan of high-speed extreme ride with jumps and sharp turns. This style of riding requires special training and familiar, but better - specially prepared tracks.

Mountain snowmobiles

Alpine snowmobiles mostly single. Like sports, they are the most lightweight, ie without additional comfort, powerful snowmobiles with a long (up to 4 meters) of narrow (35 - 42 cm), caterpillar and a powerful engine.

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