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Scooter (from it. motorroller) or scooter (from the English. scooter) - a kind motorcycle. Scooter is designed so that when the driver sits down on him, he does not need to climb through the frame. In addition, the scooter all the mechanisms are closed panels, and power unit built on the pattern block motor-wheel. Cladding panels also protect the driver from dirt and the oncoming air.

particularly popular scooters class 50 cm ³, which, according to Russian, Belarusian and Ukrainian PDD shall be treated as mopeds and require no registration rights and (in some European countries, however, the law requires, and to ride a moped.) Nevertheless, issued and maxi-scooters and giperskutery, engine size which reaches 800 cm ³.

Scooter has become a very popular means of transportation in large cities and metropolitan areas, due to its cost of operation and maneuverability.

Specifications scooters

Governance them displayed on the steering wheel (handle gas and levers front and rear brakes) - thus, his feet resting. Automatic centrifugal clutch is arranged so that when you open the throttle by a certain amount is soft mesh pad clutch, and a scooter starts to move. Simply put, in order to go, just need to add gas - and everything! No clutch lever and gear.

Automatic is a V-belt (or chain) variator. Variator ratio changes from leading to the driven pulley, depending on the speed driving pulley. This scheme allows to get rid of any transmission, whether manual or automatic. Despite the fact that the drive is carried out through a belt or chain transmission, CVT is very durable. The experience of the use of scooters in our country, the belt (new) should be enough for at least 15 thousand kilometers, and is at the extreme manner of driving. Replacing the belt is so simple that you think about this operation is not worth it. In the scooter two tanks: the first - the fuel, its volume from 3,5 to 7 liters (depending on model). Second - oil tank (volume of 0.5 to 1 liter). At the gas station you fill up petrol in the fuel tank, oil in the oil tank and the carburetor itself mix it in the correct proportions. 1 liter of oil missing in an average of 800 - 1000 km., So filling-up of oil can often not bother.

engine may be a two-stroke and four stroke.

Japanese scooters

introduced by Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha and differ, as a rule, low weight, more uprated engines, frame construction and plastic lining. For the original modern Japanese scooters are typical high quality manufacturing and a relatively large share.

European motor scooters

Producing Piaggio, Gilera, Peugeot, Renault, Derbi, Aprilia, Malaguti, Benelli, BMW, Beta, Italjet scooters, etc. For the old European school of typical design with a monocoque body made of metal, later frame structures, but with metal cladding, which affects the weight. Ancestor of European design schools scooter was Vespa.

Soviet scooters

Vyatka, Electron, Tula, Tulitsa, Tourist, Ant (cargo).

  • Scooter Ant - Soviet cargo tricycle scooter.
  • Scooter Vyatka - Soviet scooter is an unauthorized copy of an Italian scooter Vespa 150GS 1955.
  • Scooter Tourist - the heir of an earlier model - scooter Tula.

Chinese scooters

produces an enormous amount of Chinese enterprises, representing a local processing on the old Japanese models. Notable is the predominance of these four-stroke engines, similar in design, most manufacturers, but also greatly varying quality of assembly and component parts from different brands that produce seemingly indistinguishable models. Also in the Chinese scooter is extremely brittle plastic, and there is a lot of small failures.

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