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this weekend in Moscow in Expocentre on Krasnaya Presnya hosted the annual Moscow International Exhibition MOTOBIKE SALON 2005. One of the largest and most significant events in the world connoisseurs of two techniques.


What has changed since the very first MOTOBIKE SALON in 2004, if changed at all? Change is, and these changes are welcome. Start with the fact that MOTOBIKE SALON has become a regular event, add some traditions, in particular, time and venue of the exhibition. But at the same MOTOBIKE SALON gradually turns into a spectacular show - the participants have shown great ingenuity in the preparation of their stands, making them memorable, using the light/lights, and visitors are invited to an entertainment program.


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four days in Moscow was a holiday for all motorcyclists. Everyone who visited the exhibition spent from 2 to 3 hours to inspect a representative exposition. Let
some results.
first day of the MOTOBIKE SALON on Red Presnya. A great number of visitors. The greatest number going around kastomov. Culture kastomayzerov growing, and with it a growing number of connoisseurs. The new models introduced, many manufacturers.
pleased that motorcycles are becoming more popular among girls.
Friday and Saturday, all confirmed the growing interest in motorcycles. The exhibition, on the number of visitors has surpassed expectations of organizers - the IFA. The number of visitors over the 4 day close to 30000.

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WARNING! Since 2010, the exhibition MOTOBIKE conducted throughout the year in a new venue...

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