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Motorcycle - two-wheeled vehicle, with or without a sidecar, with a maximum mass not exceeding 400 kg. and / or engine capacity of more than 50 cm ³ in the case of an internal combustion engine (and / or a nominal capacity of more than 4 kW. in the case of an electric motor. However, the rules differ in different countries).

History motorcycles

In 1885, Gottlieb Daimler built in Germany hansom to test its new internal combustion engine. It was then, and was introduced the concept of the motorcycle, which has largely remained unchanged to this day: the driver sits over the engine, controls the front wheels through a direct (non-closed), the wheel and driving wheel is back.


Domestic motorcycles

  • Ural Motorcycle - a heavy road bike. Most often distributed with a sidecar.
  • Motorcycle Sunrise - Make road bikes, production Degtyarev plant (DMRs).
  • Motorcycle IZH - Soviet and Russia's brand of motorcycles, designed and produced in the city of Izhevsk factory Izhmash-Moto.
  • Motorcycle Tula - a special off-road motorcycle.
  • Motorcycle Owl - is designed for use on roads with different surface and off-road, alone and with a passenger.

Foreign motorcycles

  • Motorcycle Minsk - single bike with no sprung rear wheel and telescopic front fork.
  • Motorcycle Java - a motorcycle, manufactured in Czechoslovakia. In Soviet times, motorcycles Java were considered one of the best available in the USSR.
  • Motorcycle Dnepr - one of the most powerful motorcycles post-Soviet space.


Motorcycle is also a popular exercise equipment, there are plenty of competitions in different disciplines (highway-ring races, highway-ring races saydkar (side stroller), motorcycle, motocross, drag racing, trial). Recently gaining popularity contest on supermotardah.

Market motorcycles

In 2006 the world produced 44.1 million motorcycles (including those in China - 21.4 mln, India - 8.4 million The share of Japanese brands had 46%. production of motorcycles is growing rapidly -- Since 2003 world production increased by 42%. The main market for motorcycle technicians are Asian countries. In 2006, 11 countries in Asia have been sold 32.9 million motorcycles (in Europe - only 2.5 million).

Manufacturers motorcycles

  • China and India - more than 100 motozavod, working mainly on Japanese licenses;
  • Japan - Kawasaki, Suzuki, Honda, Yamaha;
  • South Korea - Divide, Heson;
  • U.S. - Harley-Davidson;
  • Italy - Aprilia, Benelli, Dzhilera, Ducati, Kadzhiva, MV-Agusta, Moto-Gutstsi, Piaggio, Husqvarna;
  • Germany - BMW, MC;
  • Austria - MWC;
  • UK - Norton;
  • Sweden - Husaberg;
  • Czech Republic - Java;
  • Russia - Zid, IZH, IMZ-Ural;
  • Ukraine - Dnipro;
  • Belarus - Minsk.

Classification motorcycles

Strictly classify motorcycles impossible, because no one says the rules on which a motorcycle must necessarily refer to a particular class. It is conditionally possible to divide all the motorcycles on a few classes:

Road motorcycles

  • Classic;
  • Sportbike;
  • Supersport;
  • Sport-tourer;
  • Tourer;
  • Chopper / Cruiser;
  • Custom;
  • Dregster;
  • Skarver;
  • Minibayk.

Off-road motorcycles

  • Cross;
  • Enduro;
  • Supermotard;
  • Trial.

Course, we can not say that this classification - quite strict, but within it can be almost complete description of Russia's market of motorcycles.

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