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Sponsorship and Advertising

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

To make your participation more effective, we are giving you the opportunity to engage in a range of sponsorship and marketing activities for MOTOBIKE SALON 2006. If you are interested in raising the profile of your organization by taking advantage of any of the promotional opportunities that follow, or through ideas of your own, please contact our London Office as soon as possible.

Please, choose the sponsorship

                General Sponsorship
  Sponsorship Of Show Merchandise
  Sponsorship Of The Official Show Catalogue
  Sponsorship Of Complimentary Ticke
  Sponsorship Of Registration Booths
  Sponsorship Of The Press Conference
  Sponsorship Of Advertising Campaings For Attracting Visitors
  Flags, Banners, Posters At The Exhibition
  Sponsorship Of The Gala Dinner On The Opening Day Of The Exhibition
  Sponsorship Of Show Merchandise

Please contact the organizers for the information on details and prices.

Please fill the form

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