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Moped - a two-or three-wheeled vehicle with an engine capacity not exceeding 50 cm³ and a maximum speed not exceeding 50 km / h (according to Russia's SDA, and in other countries may have different definitions).

Differentiation of motorcycles and mopeds in PDD due to the fact that the bike can go into the general stream of cars and motorbike travels much more slowly, and because the rules require him to move just at the right side of the road, together with bicycles.

Popularity of mopeds is determined primarily by the fact that they do not require state registration, technical inspection and mandatory insurance, for a moped does not require a permit (there are countries where it is not). Also, scooters are fairly cheap and spend a little gasoline.

Moped in the concept of man in the street

now the appearance of scooters too many motorists say that this means of transportation is not much different from conventional mopeds and scooters. So we decided to ask to find out what is in the concept of the philistine moped, motor scooter, scooter, and how they differ.

The same moped, which was distributed in our country since the forties of last century, and now can be found in the garages of some motorists. However, the use of the railway vehicles in Russia for some reason has lost its relevance. but this transport is almost primarily in Riga, Lvov and several other cities around the world. Here such mopeds are operated continuously, due to the presence of specialized factories to produce motorcycles.

Few people know that the word moped comes from combining the two bases - motor and a bicycle. Simply put, a moped - a bicycle with a little motor. Motors are in the Soviet period have been distributed very widely, to buy them and put on your bike, make it automated was simple. However, the railway construction this was perfect, and producers think about the issuance of special motor bike. So there were these scooters - with a completely new design, comfortable frame, amortization, special tires and all the same foot drive if gasoline moped suddenly end.

talk about some kind of professional engine in a moped does not have to, but because he is clearly far from the scooters, which have become more refined and automated.

Types mopeds

Classic moped

Classic moped has a regular bicycle pedal drive with chain transmission to the rear wheels to freewheel and brake in the rear wheel hub, brake includes a rotation of the pedals in the opposite direction. At the rear wheel set is also led by the drive chain of transmission from the engine (hard, no freewheel). Sprocket of the transmission is installed on the same shaft with the engine, but the star shafts and engine can bust a friction clutch (clutch). For the clutch is a lever on the left stick steering. Gearshift no. The right-hand steering handle rotates and serves to throttle the carburetor ( control handle gas). On the right hand steering is also installed the front brake lever.

There are also mopeds, made from a conventional bike (there are firms that produce for the special sets), in which case it may remain possible to a full ride in a cycling mode.

Examples Motorbike: Scarce, Riga-13.

Mopeds with pedals and gear shift

Gear significantly improves driving performance moped. Often switching gears by turning the left steering handle (it can rotate when you press the clutch lever).

Example is the moped Verhovina.


Mokik - a motorbike, made under the scheme normal motorcycle - with the gearbox and drive without a bicycle (the term stems from the fact that mokikov engine starting kick-starter - and although many are equipped with electric start) .

Gear shift is a foot lever on the left (or left-hand grip on the handlebars at Carpathian), located on the right rear brake pedal.

Example is the moped Carpathians and Delta.

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