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Buggy (born buggy - convertible, lightweight stroller) - SUV for a ride on the sand.

Features buggy

  • Buggy - has a small weight, so the buggy can efficiently and accurately manage the car, to move quickly through the turns and simply ask to maneuver.
  • Buggy - has a powerful motor and can be dispersed in seconds!
  • Construction Buggy provides resistance to coups, so buggy - just a safe machine, ideal for travel on rough terrain.
  • Buggy - no need to register.


first buggy appeared in the 1950's last century in the United States. First there were the usual cars, worn out, no longer suitable for normal operation. They differed extravagant appearance - without doors, wings, or even without a body. They owners famously worn by the sand dunes, sometimes arranging each race. Novelty much relished, and natural events are sometimes grow to enormous autocross show. Popularity grew, and buggies soon crossed the border States - machines of this type spread throughout the world.

In the early 1970's the first buggy appeared in the USSR. They also could find regular cars - GAZ-69, Zaporozhec, Moskvich, Lada, - except that with the simplified truck bodies.

In 1972 a group of students Togliatti Polytechnic Institute (TPI) in the initiative to begin drafting its own marshalling of the car. Thus began the history of SDB Ultimate. The first-born, were designated as B-2901, is a two sport-touring cars, established on the basis of Zhiguli and had the same pattern: the engine - in front, driving wheels - rear (to increase download the latest engine, driver and passenger have been shifted back) establish and a small trunk. This machine was released in 1975 and was the first in Togliatti. It used a spatial frame of pipes, to which the arc welded security and fastened fiberglass and aluminum body panels. Later it became a characteristic feature of all the buggy. Proceedings suspensions increased to 120 mm. Through careful elaboration weight B-2901 amounted to 750 kg - significantly less than other similar machines.

Debut buggy TPI on cross Silver Rook was a success. That is what this newspaper wrote about the Volga Komsomolets: Started in students with participants autocross - professional racers. Looked bizarre next to the blazing car "Lada" and "Volga" fairly-won. But when they gave the start, audience sympathies immediately went over to the student's car. On the difficult road she has shown all its advantages - sustainability, high cross-country, agility, speed .

How safe is riding on the buggy?

Buggies - very resistant to coups machine on it can be easily and quickly enough to take sharp turns, while to be sure that the buggy is not over. Nevertheless, management buggy provides the use of mandatory remedies that are provided by us.

Buggy easy to manage, and even if you've never drove a car of this class, sitting behind the wheel buggy for the first time, you can quickly master its management.

Test Drive

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