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Quad - a small vehicle like a motorcycle, but having more than two wheels (a compact hybrid car and motorcycle).

Manage them much easier and safer than a motorcycle, and the maneuverability and the ability to overcome obstacles is higher than that of conventional cars. To drive ATV does not need rights, management can learn and child. To successfully manage the ATV, you must comply with safety and not to overestimate their strength.

First ATVs came in 1970, it was the Honda US90 - Motorcycle-terrain vehicle with three large wheels. It was created to work on the farm, but later discovered that this car is very fun and cool to ride on the beach. Then came ATV, similar to the modern - with four wheels. The main advantage of quad in front of snowmobiles, watercraft, motorcycles - in its year-round. Winter or summer, mud or snow - to cope with all our ATV.

According to the standard ANSI, terrain vehicle (all-terrain vehicle) must have the following features:

  • Tires designed for low pressure;
  • Driver sits astride the seat;
  • Wheel bicycle type;
  • Be single or double.

Most ATVs have 4-wheel drive, these are called quad bikes or ATVs chetyrehkolesnikami. Some ATVs have 3 wheels (trike or tricycles), there are also specialized ATVs with 6 or 8 wheels.

At ATVs are used as two-stroke and four-stroke engines. Utility ATV mostly equipped variator (CVT) with a reverse movement, which sometimes has a lower gear. Sport ATV in most cases are equipped with manual transmission. Among utility ATVs meet-wheel-drive model with a bridge connects the front. The drive, most often carried a chain on the rear axle, in the case of all-wheel drive - cardan transmission.

Types ATV

Conditionally all ATV can be divided into utilitarian and sports.

Utility Quads

If the ATV needs to work - the carriage of cargo, clearing the suburban area, and so on, you'll like utilitarian all-terrain vehicle. Utility ATV differ sufficiently powerful tyagovity engine, maximum torque is achieved at relatively low engine speeds. As a complement to the usual utilitarian ATV offers a host of different attachments.


If you intend to use for walking, a trip to the hunting or fishing, and occasionally for chores, then you fit sport-utility vehicles or travel. This ATV has the highest level of comfort, powerful engines and suspension designed for a comfortable, but high-speed driving. If necessary, these ATVs can take on board some cargo or tow a trailer.

Sport ATV

For those who do not know what a quiet, slow riding, who instead of blood in their veins the 95 th gasoline, instead of the heart - a fiery motor, respectively, produced a special off-road racing. The level of comfort with these ATV - the minimum, but those who rides off-road at exorbitant rates, jumps from a springboard and participates in motocross competitions, usually have little care about such things as shock absorbers too hard, or the lack of electric start.

Kids Quads

stand out children's ATV. They are usually designed for children between the ages of 12 to 15 years, respectively, to load up to 60 kg. Engine power of children's ATV artificially limit (for example, pose a special valve on the carburetor) in order to reduce the maximum speed to safe limits.

Russia Market ATV

It would seem that it is here, in a country where the road is not even in many localities, and those that have to be in a position that would be better if they were not, people should first pay attention to the ATVs. But until recently, the existence of ATV we have virtually no one suspected. Domestic industry made timid attempts to manufacture a four-or three-wheeled self-propelled carriages (another name for them, perhaps not podberesh), which were designed mainly based on the motorcycle and were neither reliable nor a good cross.

More recently, our market began to emerge import ATVs. All the world's leading manufacturers of this equipment, but it YAMAHA, HONDA, ARCTIC CAT, POLARIS, SUZUKI and KAWASAKI, tried to present this technique in the Russia market, as a «gray», as well as through authorized dealers. Initially, domestic buyers with a certain distrust of the new technology, but gradually, with the understanding of the unique properties of off-terrain vehicles, they are becoming increasingly popular.

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