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Jet - a jetski, invented in the 60's, and spread around the world as a means for active recreation, as well as extreme sport.

Originally WATERCRAFT (jet ski) created in America for active walking on the sea with the wind. The first versions of watercraft more like catamarans with a motor drive and create them on the platform of conventional snowmobiles. Pretty soon almost all the rescue services on the water took the novelty of the arms, evaluating agility, speed acceleration and ease of management compared to conventional service boat. And only in the 80 years began to multiply, including international aquabike where watercraft pilots demonstrated their skills and dignity of technology. Since often called WATERCRAFT Aquabike, as the water-motor sports, and the actual competition. The competitions are contests in three types: annular races, slalom and freestyle. Aquabike incredibly spectacular, especially in the freestyle and had retained the interest and admiration of the audience.

Types watercraft

Jet divided into two main types:

  • Jet sedentary - can be equipped with one to four seats and are intended primarily for tourist trips, more seats, so get calmer journey.
  • Stand-up Jet Ski - this is especially for fans of extreme driving, perform tricks on the water and sports.

Models watercraft

  • Jet Ski Yamaha - the richest diversity of the model number.
  • Jet Bombardier - a maximum of comfort and power in flight on the water surface.
  • Jet Ski Kawasaki - Japanese production - strong and durable.

Bid Polaris

currently buying Polaris does not cause problems, because sale of watercraft from different manufacturers implemented in many specialty shops both in fact and in order for cash and cashless payments. You can take advantage of Russia's proposals and import internet shops. Also, sales of watercraft is available in the loan. Now in Russia are quite extensive network of authorized dealers throughout the world recognized companies: Sea-Doo BRP, Polaris, Yamaha and Honda.

As you know WATERCRAFT - this is not a cheap, so for occasional entertainment, many prefer to use the equipment on hire. Fortunately, that proposals of this kind is sufficient as to distribution companies and directly on the beach, on the bases of rest or in boarding houses.

Safe whether WATERCRAFT?

course not. Especially compared with chess. However, he jetski security favorably with other vessels. The driving force of Polaris is not the screw, and water cannon, which significantly reduces the number of accidents falling from the machine. In addition, the wrist of an athlete with the connector plug connects the special bundle, so that the fall Aquabike immediately stops. But is it worth to remember that Polaris no brakes, stop it with the reverse prohibits instruction. Movement and maneuver at high speed is always dangerous and require the driver of enormous experience and skill, and risk, mainly linked to the possibility of collision. The laws of Russia rightly prescribe gidrotsiklistu undergo three months training and pass an examination in the special category.

That is why the rules strictly prohibit the use of Jet in close proximity to the beaches and in port areas. And to maintain a clear sight must be provided with protective goggles. Another mandatory rule - a life jacket on akvabaykere and passengers. A person can lose consciousness from the blow of the water from overheating in the sun and simply because of the illness. And, of course, totally unacceptable hydrocycles driving drunk.

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