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Oy Sanifer Ltd

Address:Valtatie 47, 90500 Oulu, Russia
Phone:+7 400 320 312
Fax:+7 8 374 324

The mother company of Oy Sanifer Ltd is the British company AMC Motors Co., Ltd. The mother Company AMC Motors Co., Ltd was established in 1999. The headquarters office of Sanifer Ltd is in Oulu, Toppila industrial area which is the one of the economic and technical development centre in Oulu. Close to that area is all Nokia Mobile development buildings and offices as well as also University of Oulu. As long as the University of Oulu is concern Oy Sanifer Ltd has very deep cooperation especially with universitys car development. Oy Sanifer Ltd has also in Toppila Logistic centre covering area 3,5ha and the area under the roof 10.000m?. Oy Sanifer Ltd is ready, willing and able to handle and ensure to yearly productions totalling round logistically 30 000-50 000 scooters and motorcycles, logistically 500000-800000 lawnmowers. Before, the trade mark of the company was Solifer which was sold on March 2007 to the other company and during that moment Solifer has increased the sales up 4000 units per year. Meaning that trademark was number one nearly double bigger than as the second one the biggest scooter trade mark in Finland. Today Oy Sanifer Ltd is looking forward to the rich Russian market not only with scooters and motorcycles but very soon with extremely interesting products Sanifer electric mini-car.

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