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Zhejiang Meiduo Motorcycle Manufacture Co., Ltd.

Address:Nanshan Industrial Zone, Luqiao District, Zhejiang Province, Taizhou, Russia
Phone:+7 576-2356655
Fax:+7 576-2367121

In August 1996, Meiduo Vehiclecycle Co. Ltd. set its foot in Vehiclecycle industry and got a rapid growth during next two years with its annual turnout over 50,000 sets. In the end of 1998, China Kaitong group was organized by expanding its three subsections of assembly plant, engine manufacturing shop and Mould developing and producing sector to three professional factories in Vehiclecycle, engine and plastic mould, and then setup a company named Taizhou Wangjin Economic Trade Co., Ltd. (hereafter as Wangjin) to work specially at its foreign trade business. In the end of 2004, its new subsidiary factory MeiDuo Vehicle Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was set in Taizhou city with its aim at innovation and producing of Go Cart.

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